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The most advanced surgical OSCE platform with built in real-time collaborative revision, AI patients and virtual 3D humans.

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Over 150 stations

A comprehensive set of questions that covers the entire MRCS syllabus.

Written by experts

Our experienced team have carefully written every question and provided detailed explanations.


Each station is carefully designed to match the actual exam.

Collaborative revision

Real time collaborative revision, with built in video conferencing, so you can hone your skills with your colleagues.

Device optimisation

Access anywhere with an internet connection. Optimised for smartphones.

AI patients

AI patients that you can take histories from and practice your communication skills.

Solid foundations

Stations cover all aspects of the MRCS syllabus - so you can enter your OSCE confident you have the knowledge.

Applied Knowledge

Over 90 stations covering anatomy, surgical pathology, applied surgical sciences and critical care.

Applied Skills

Over 60 stations covering clinical, procedural and communication skills.

Realistic Stations

Our team have created stations mapped to the syllabus, so you will be ready on the day.

Filtered Revision

Customise your revision by filtering only stations and topics you want to focus on.

Real time collaborative revision

The best way to prepare for an OSCE is to practice with others.


Real time collaborative revision with video conferencing, so you can revise with your colleagues and friends for every OSCE station.


By practicing your communication, you will build your confidence for the exam.

Assign Roles

You can assign different members of your group to either act as the examiner, candidate or patient.

Immediate Feedback

Receive immediate feedback after completing your collaborative stations with detailed mark schemes and review pages.

AI Patients & Virtual Humans

AI patients and virtual humans to examine, provide you with the most immersive online OSCE experience.

AI Patients

We are using advanced artificial intelligence with natural language processing to allow you to take clinical histories from an AI patient.


Practising your communication in a controlled environment allows you to improve your skills.

Virtual Humans - Beta

We are developing virtual humans that you can examine, with clinical signs baked in.


The best way to practice examinations is to examine real patients. You can use our mark schemes when practising with colleagues.


Revising alone can be difficult, especially as a full time trainee. That is why we have a community for you.

Social Media

Join our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages to ask questions and meet others around the world preparing for the MRCS Part B exam.


Each question has an open discussion section to ask questions and share your memory aides.

24/7 Access + Dark Mode

Use the platform day and night to prepare, and switch on dark mode to reduce eye strain.


Revise anywhere with internet access. App coming soon. We follow WAI standards.

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